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September, 9th month of the year. September is also the start of ber months which we construe as Christmas season. For me, September is my birthday season! Yeahba! Come to think of it, last year I celebrated my birthday with my bed and pillow. Also I shared it with people who are currently homeless because of the typhoon Ondoy. The 3/4 of our village was flooded and luckily we are not of them. I was disappointed because it was Saturday night and my birthday and I need to stay at home because everything is out of order. Then I realized that we are so lucky that our house was saved from the flood, therefore it is the best birthday gift to me. Anyway, since we experienced the wrath of our mother nature, we should take care of it like we care to our love ones. Again, happy 1st day of September. And soon, merry christmas! Happy happy!


Some of us are blessed, some of us are not. But to sum it all, it does not mean that we will not do anything about it. Strive, do anything under the sun. Try new things. So when you sleep soundly every night. You can say I did it all, and another day tomorrow! 🙂

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Have you ever imagined a world that is ruled by love? Can love basically rule the world? For me, it can and it cannot. Though it may be childish to think that love is a supreme being that can change the world in instant, well I wish that it can be true. If love rules the world, everyone is sensitive on the needs of other. Everybody loves each other, so we don’t need to have lawyers that will defend those who are oppressed. We don’t need laws to make us disciplined. We don’t need courts to determine what is right or wrong. We don’t need a government to guide us. And one thing is for sure, we don’t need one person that we will spend our lifetime with. So, are we ready to make love rule our world? Just a thought, we can never have the best of both worlds.

Love is a complex thing that everyone feels. Many people think that love is something that is learned. But in contrary, when you experienced love, you’re acting like an irrational being. Being irrational is good sometimes because it will bring surprises that you alone can experience. Irrationality of love touched my curiosity in whether or not we need to use our minds in opening ourselves to love.

There is a time when we need to use our minds to explore the things we need to know, but is love included? For me, mastering our mental faculty exposes us in absurd things in life. If we use our minds in loving someone, we will see those inevitable things that might happen, and in the end, fear of love will run into our heads.

When you experienced love, it is healthy to say that use your heart this time. Heart can feel the things that our minds cannot. Be happy that you are experiencing love right now. Make the most out of it. Forget the things that may happen. For in the end, you can happily say that it is worth it.

This is the time when we need to use our hearts to feel the genuine love around us. Spread the love and be happy! 🙂

“I tried” – maybe the hardest and most harsh words you can say to someone who loves you. Most of us experienced or are still experiencing the pain of unrequited love. As they say, love is a mutual understanding between two persons. The feeling must be mutual in able to work things out. We can easily blame the one who causes heartbreak to someone by not returning it genuinely. But, entering into that situation, maybe the one who causes the heartbreak can be the someone who hurts more. Love is a positive word which brings out hope and happiness. Love can make the world go around. Even though it is complex in nature, everybody seeks love, but when it comes to unrequited love, love is there but the feeling is absent.

Majority of us feels pity to the person who was devastated by the unrequited love. The blame is always on the side of the one who caused the pain, but this time, lets try to empathize the person who caused the hardship. The biggest disappointment in one’s heart is to disappoint another. Having said that, maybe the one who caused the pain has a heart that is not mended or fixed. When a person feels broken, he cannot give his heart as whole. In the end there will be more heartaches that may produce more brokenness.

The most difficult choice of a lifetime is having to break somebody’s heart. People expect that the person who’s heart has been broken limps the most, but to the contrary, the person who caused the heartache is the one who limps the most. He wastes the chance of love in a lifetime, but without feeling warm inside, there can never be love.

For all the people who are heart broken because of unrequited love, be happy, because the person who caused the heartache spared you on more heartache that he may bring. At least, we can say “I tried” to compensate all the pain we caused to someone.

I’m sorry. I tried.


As I stare my ceiling while forcing myself to sleep, I realized that this head of mine needs some overhaul.

Yesterday was not a good day for me, I just received my final exams result. Well, at first I was confident on the results because I know in my mind, I studied well enough. But when my classmate texted me the result, oh my… My world just collapsed. To console myself, I computed my low grades and hope that my professors will be kind enough to pass me.

If you ask me why I forcing myself to enter into this kind of situation, I can’t answer you. After 1 year here in law school, I realized that law school is my life. And i need to finish this “unfinished business” that I have.

If one day I need to leave my school and transfer into a new one, I will never have regrets. I will cheer myself up and start a new life in my new school. (Well, I’m still hoping that I will be able to pass this semester) Failures give us the reason to believe on something good. Failure teaches us to hope for something better and do better next time. Failure gives us the reason to be the best that we can be. Someday we will realize the worth of having these failures in our lives.

As long a I can dream, I know I’m alive. 🙂

As Carl Bard said, “Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending“. I’m not a writer by profession nor a journalist as they say, but I think that writing my innermost feelings can make me liberate myself from the depths of my solitude. I started with this blog because of some lame ideas swimming into my head. I visioned myself to have something that is mine, and to be sure that it came from my creative juices. This is the start of the new beginning that I’ve been longing for.

To start it all, I will introduce myself to everyone who is willing to spend their time on this blog site. I’m markerwins as they say, I’m a Filipino by blood and soul. I’m a student of law here in our country. To sum up, I maybe the person who will blog anything under sun, anything that inspired my brain, anything that punched my curiosity and anything that made me smile.

As I start my new beginning on this site, I wonder if I can keep it up? (Well, I SHOULD!) I hope that everything will be good as I envisioned to be.

So let’s have a good one! 🙂


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